Hello Newdawners!

In our previous Diary, North Diary One- FREEFALL

We got to learn more about North, the Earth Homeland Alliance Force  President, Zane Landen's right hand man. Along with North we got to meet Jeze and her amazing skills as all three of them run for the bunker and everything suddenly goes wrong withing Angel City. They end up stranded in a space elevator halfway from the ground in a 500 floor skyscrapper. It is North's job to find them a way out, and he does... only it is not the way any of them expected....

Aidan Diary Three Split cropped

Now with Aidan Diary Three- SPLIT,

We get to know more about Aidan's past and how he came to be at the institute. In this Diary we learn all about his childhood and his homelife. The awful mandate that divided not only Aidan's family, but all of Angel City as well, thus bringing about the nonets. Get some important insights into Adian's rebellious nature and the reason behind it; a promise...

Find out more when you get your Diary of SPLIT!

This week you can also find North Diary One -FREEFALL, now available in our store. Learn more about North's life, and about North and Jeze's partnership in the Force and whether their friendship should be something more...

Both Diaries will soon be available for sale in our store!

These insights into the world of our characters within Angel City are invaluable. Follow their story. Get to know them.

These give you information about some of the events each of  you will face in our web series or witness as the story line unfolds. Aidan, Heather, Eva and  North are featured in BULLSEYE, TRANSITION, CONCORDANCE, FREEFALL AND SPLIT!

Don’t miss the opportunity to get these diaries.

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Hope you enjoy the Newdawn saga!

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