In the future, you have the choice. We all do.

Lifespan Implant

Already today the human brain is hacked so we understand more about how it recognizes images and functions as neurons fire. We also know that implants will change our lives. In the UK, eye implants have given sight to the blind... Indeed two men were fitted with an implant during an eight hour surgery and after years of blindness, both have regained "useful" vision within weeks. These are not the only cases. For more information: and

If we can do this today, what will we be able to achieve in the future?

We now have the ability to improve ourselves because science and technology have made huge leaps. It is especially true in the world of Angel City in 2098. Implant will make us better, faster and stronger. This of course exists within certain parameters under the DAINN system.

As your biology and your character attributes are evaluated by DAINN, you either become part of the elite or you don’t… You are rated as an invaluable resource for our society or you are not… But if you make the cut, you can have it all!

Inside the grids, improving our capabilities is a hot pursuit. We reach farther in that respect and have many features offered to us by The Company and implants are a huge part of this new lifestyle.

The Lure Becomes The Trap…

"Our Citizens and World Citizens possess lifestyle choices beyond what we could imagine, and still we want more".

DAINN ensures everyone’s well-being and the distribution of resources for all. Life is easier. The choices are offered without efforts. The solutions presented without requiring much thought to be assured a good and purposeful lifestyle.

"Our society and our people have evolved to the point where everything is established for us early on and the future falls naturally into place..."

DAINN's evaluation provides an orientation. One can decide upon a different one than that recommended by DAINN. It is allowed if not desired... So long as effectiveness and efficiency are met. We still have a choice.

Connections to the right people may affect this choice. Family’s influence does too, and so does money because if you want to do something else with your life than what is recommended by DAINN, you have to buy the implants. They are not given to you for free...

And in our world, there are many of them... they affect you to be better than the original you without implants. Under DAINN, you can become a mighty fighting machine, a forever young gorgeous woman, a scientist with an unmatched brain and incredible computing power or simply have the ability to hear and see much farther than the norm. In Angel City in 2098 you can live healthy and well almost forever... Our DNA is cracked... We can duplicate ourselves... or create a new self by carefully selecting our physical and mental attributes through genetic engineering.

If you had the choice... what would you select? You can easily access some of the options and features here:

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