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While you read this, you’ll notice something important, a truth we all share.

Most of us have dreams... some people see their dreams realized in their lifetime, others strive to achieve them every day and cross the finish line with success, and others yet never reach them although they continue to try or give them up altogether.  Yet, we all imagine... what could be…

When you dream, you enjoy going to places in your mind... and being part of a world of fantasy.  Like when you were a child... Where you become someone else, where you experience new things, and where you conquer new challenges and win.  And it feels good, really good.  And for a while, you are satisfied, you are fulfilled, and you have fun.

Are you beginning to see that in doing this, you fantasize… and the world you create becomes bold and bigger because you are empowered by your own achievements.  We all partake in this.

The more you do it, the easier it becomes to gain confidence, to elevate yourself and attain higher goals until the fantasy becomes that reality, a new reality in you, and it’s easy to enjoy the experience and take strength in that.

Realize, really realize that some of us do it often, because we all need some escape from reality, or because we are bored with our lives, or because we seek new challenges.  When you create such world in your mind, or you watch a film or a show, or you play a game or even read a book you become entertained by this new environment and it becomes yours…  You make it yours, don’t you agree with me now?

You’ll notice that in a way, when we do this, create worlds in our minds, imagine things that do not yet exist, reach into the unknown to shape something that is yet to appear in this realm, it is an awesome experience.  One that makes us greater than ourselves.  The power of our mind demands a purpose.  Such a purpose for me is NEWDAWN and to make this launch a success, I need you, the science fiction lover, the lover of books and worlds beyond what we know...

If you are such a science fiction lover like I am, and you think about your next book and your next adventure… stop right here and join me.  This is where it all begins… a whole new universe with a novel that is more than a book because it is a whole new world. NEWDAWN!

If I could take you on a journey that is fun and full of all types of rewards would you join me and because it is easy and fun to become part of my team would you help me launch this book?

You might not know this because it’s not out in the open yet, but just imagine for a second if you were to become fascinated by the story and you realize that you are one of the first to get to know it and I would think that you will because if you are like me, you love SciFi and are interested in new stories, and in seeing new worlds that can go on and on way into the future, while you gain insights others will not possess… Knowing that you are an integral part of the inner circle.

You might not know this, but I have created NEWDAWN just for such a purpose…  I wanted NEWDAWN to be more than a book, I wanted it to be a whole new universe where people like you and I can create an environment we can fashion to our own liking, influence outcomes, become part of the story, play a character, join a game, or just visit… something unlike anything else…  A world of our own making, created for the fans by the fans and that can benefit all of us!  If you were to become fascinated by this, as you recognize that NEWDAWN is such a place, wouldn't it be easy for you to join in and participate with us…

For those of us who are seekers of other worlds

For those of us who enjoy going into the future

For those of us who desire new adventures

NEWDAWN is not just a book, it is a whole new universe

Let’s make it happen

It begins here… with the novel

Join us and bring your friends to help us launch the book

So we can build our community

Because NEWDAWN is a community unlike any you have seen...

An immersive environment and interactive playground created by the fans for the fans

Where you can be part of the story,

Become a character, play a role and be shape our future

Ultimately making history.

It starts now…  By joining our launch team

Make new friends

Receive perks, prizes and have fun

And You get to see 2098 in person

Explore NEWDAWN with me

Discover its secrets

Take the journey with us!

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