Oh, wait... You don't need one any more because your car is driving you!

While this is not great with respect to job security for limousine service and taxi drivers, it is still kind of really cool. These driverless cars have not been adopted in all the states yet but they are coming! Think back, only a few years ago they were thought as fantasy! This is the beauty of technology in high gear. From fantasy to reality sometimes the leap is huge, and there is no doubt that we are making great ones at the moment.

Driverless Vehicles

So, as we prepare for it... self-driving cars are legal in Nevada, Florida, and California.

The first series of test started at the beginning of 2012 with Google. In May, Nevada adopted them and took the first leap in allowing them to roam free on the roads. Another bit of great news is that while these vehicles have logged over 300,000 autonomous hours so far, the only two accidents involving them happened when they were being manually piloted. This clearly paves the way to the technology roads we are embarking upon and the impact these will have as it pertains to our future... This is certainly one aspect of the life we have in 2098 within the Angel City grids.

Would you like to know what else you can expect? Stay tuned for every week we will give you a preview of our landscape as a new society!

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