Exploring the future and how we get from here to there with cryonics is a very current topic.  At least for those of us oriented toward the future!

The science of cryonics (from Greek kryos which means icy cold) is the low-temperature preservation of humans who can no longer be sustained by contemporary medecine.  It is the expectation that science will evolve in the coming years so they can eventually be healed and resuscitated with more advanced medical technologies.



While cryopreservation of people is not reversible now with our current technology, it is today practiced following legal death.  This does not means that they are biologically dead.  The ideal conditions require that cryonics begin moment after the heart stops beating.  The blood flow is then restored artificially, providing circulation and keeping cells in the brain biologically alive during the early stages of the procedure.  This should take place within the first one or two minutes after the heart stops beating and preferably within 15 minutes.  Waiting longer would place a greater burden on future technology to eventually restore the brain to a healthy state.  Cryonics may have a way to go, but the technology and science are advancing...

The blood chemistry and blood gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide, pH) of a patient undergoing a successful cryonic intervention result in good cardiopulmonary support similar to that of a living person.  While legally dead, a patient is biologically alive, depending upon the timing of the start of the procedure - after the heart stops beating.

Banking of transplantable organs at low temperature is a recognized specialty of the science of cryobiology.  With the evolution of science and the advances of medical technologies, cryonics can be of great value to fields such as medicine and space travel in a future that may not be as far as we think.  So, next, we can count on cryonics and wake-up in the future for those of us who desire the experience!

Science fiction has already become science facts on so many levels.

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